What Is the Difference between Fashion and Fine Jewelry?

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Is there really a difference between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry? What makes jewelry belong to the fine line and the fashion line? Does it depend on the brand? The complexity of the design? Or the materials used? Is there a clear standard for how we define whether a piece of jewelry is fashionable or fine?
Understanding the difference between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry is very simple: it all comes down to the materials used to make the jewelry. Figuring out the quality of metals and gems is what is needed to determine whether a piece of jewelry is fashion jewelry or fine jewelry. We will introduce you to the definitions used by expert appraisers to ensure the quality of jewelry so that you know what to look for when buying a new product in the jewelry collection.

Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is made of precious metals, such as gold, platinum, silver, or some combination of these metals. Fine jewelry is designed to be passed down from generation to generation and needs to meet stricter standards than fashion jewelry.

The reason why fine jewelry is superior to fashion jewelry is not only its gorgeous appearance, but also the self-confidence it brings to the wearer. Because most fine jewelry is customized. Knowing that what you wear on your finger is more expensive than someone else’s car or house, even if you don’t realize it, it will give people a sense of supremacy.

Fine jewelry is usually limited in quantity. Unique custom fine jewelry also helps to increase the resale value of jewelry in the future. Limited editions and unique works are more valued by collectors and jewelry lovers, mainly when collecting jewelry samples from specific artists.

The fine jewelry can be guaranteed that the materials used are of high quality. This means that these can last a long time. If it is fully taken care of, it can even surpass several generations.

The price of fine jewelry is no longer as expensive as people said before. Many fine jewelry prices are affordable. Tonglin Jewelry Company focuses on the production of
custom sterling silver fine  jewelry, providing affordable fine jewelry for various countries.

Fashion Jewelry
They are made of modern materials and do not necessarily mean cheap. They are more economical than fine jewelry because they mimic the appearance of fashion jewelry, but at a more affordable price.

It is not made of precious metals. Many metals used in fashion jewelry are stainless steel, titanium, nickel, copper, brass, and tungsten. Fashion jewelry does not contain any precious or semi-precious stones. Sometimes the quality does not exist, and their life span is not as good as that of fine jewelry.
Fashion jewelry is essentially what people called "clothing jewelry" in the past. This is a term from the prop department of theaters in the 1930s. Costume designers need to provide actors with an elegant appearance without worrying about the loss, theft or damage of expensive costumes.
Their solution: low-cost replicas, made of cheap base metals and imitation gems. Over time, women began to wear this kind of jewelry as a fashion statement, and therefore a more popular term.
This article outlines the difference between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. The main difference between these two types of jewelry is their quality.
Fine jewelry is made of gems and precious metals, while fashion jewelry is made of base metals, artificial stones, plastics and other cheap materials.
If you are interested in buying affordable fine jewelry, you should check out Tonglin Jewelry. We offer a wide range of luxurious and affordable custom sterling silver fine jewelry.

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