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Custom Fine Jewelry from wholesale jewelry manufacturers Tonglin Jewelry

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Update time : 2022-04-22 11:13:42

Sales of luxury goods in China grew "exponentially" in 2021, driven by increasing consumer demand for high-end jewelry in recent years. Domestic luxury goods sales in China jumped 48% to 346 billion yuan last year, with jewelry sales leading the way with more than 70% growth, doubling the mainland's overall share of the global luxury market this year, according to bain. Bain forecasts that this number will continue to grow, putting China on track to have the largest market share by 2025.


Because of this, while foreign fine jewelry is flooding into the Chinese market, many fine jewelry brands and manufacturers have also emerged in China. Most of them are concentrated in the Panyu area, which has the largest jewelry industry in the country. "Tonglin Jewelry" with 13 years of experience as a wholesale jewelry manufacturer is one of the forerunners. Its highly competitive custom fine jewelry designs are not only exquisite in craftsmanship, but also uniquely recognizable. At present, it has a number of process patents and appearance patents.


Mr. Wu, founder of Tonglin Jewelry, in his eyes, Tonglin Jewelry is a custom fine jewelry brand. Product style, minimalist design.

Talking about the original intention of establishing the brand, Mr. Wu said that with the development of the industry and the enrichment of brands, more and more jewelry brands come out in the form of different styles, which can be described as dazzling. In terms of style, some pursue individuality, while others follow the current trend. However, these goods are often the spot of ordinary jewelry, which is relatively single, and there are very few spot choices of high-end jewelry. Knowing the psychology of high-end jewelry consumers, he realized that this field of custom fine jewelry is an excellent opportunity for innovation.


Especially in recent years, with the continuous improvement of China's economic development level and residents' income level, the scale and number of High net worth individuals in China are also increasing. According to the Hurun Report on the Quality Life of China's HnWIs 2020, custom fine jewelry has become the main consumption type of HNWIs, who have strong purchasing power and great investment demand, and have distinctive consumption and investment preferences. Do top jewelry, luxury brands, products and design are the wings of the brand, is the foundation. With the rapid improvement of modern consumers' aesthetic level, their consumption of aesthetic culture has reached a new height. Only a strong foundation can support whether the brand can be inherited from generation to generation.


Behind the manufacturing of these custom fine jewelry, it is inseparable from a variety of extraordinary Mosaic technology, which directly affects the value and aesthetic value of jewelry. In other words, before talking about the brand, look at the quality of the product is not good. This is also the competitiveness of Tonglin jewelry brand.


This is the icing on the cake for the jewelry manufacturer, which has 13 years of jewelry inlay process and focuses on custom fine jewelry. Especially in advanced inlay technology, Tonglin jewelry is rooted in Guangzhou, China. Relying on 30 years of experience and achievements in the jewelry industry in Guangzhou, tonglin jewelry gathers wisdom and technology of three generations of people in the Greater Bay Area, and can produce jewelry products comparable to international luxury goods.

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