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The gold jewelry business is so profitable that it is very difficult for you to go wrong. By selling gold jewelry, you can self-employ yourself and you can also create your own brand of gold jewelry by selling them in your store.

Selling or reselling gold jewelry makes no difference. You can have your own designs but these designs are not what the trend or the market demands. You can re-sell jewelry from a supplier with your brand and you may be better off. But choosing a reliable wholesale supplier of gold jewelry is the most important thing. Today we will tell you about top wholesale gold jewelry suppliers.

1.      EVORA

Evora has been a wholesaler supplier of gold jewelry for over 5 years. Direct deliveries from the largest factories in India, Thailand, Hong Kong and Russia. There are more than 100 thousand items in stock, including jewelry with natural stones, precious stones, ceramics, as well as products of trendy jewelry fashion trends.

Order assembling within two days, free shipping and a liquid assortment.


Tonglin Jewelry as the top wholesale gold jewelry suppliers with the widest range of wholesale gold Jewelry. Making jewelry of any complexity, a huge selection is available on Tonglin Jewelry's website. High quality, reliable and affordable. Their designers are professionals in their field with more than 12 years of experience. They can also make jewelry according to your photo, drawing or just a fictional fantasy. Their limitless selection of gold jewelry will allow you to choose a model for any style. Their gold jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones are considered the most luxurious and pleasant gifts, that will help you attract more customers.

Tonglin Jewelry products are made from high quality raw materials and gold according to world-class standards using the latest equipment and technologies for processing precious metals and cutting stones.

Refined luxury of Tonglin Jewelry

The wholesale catalog of the Tonglin Jewelry store includes:

·         Rings: are refined and elegant for women and luxurious, status for men.

·         Earrings - from small studs with precious inserts for young princesses to exquisite earrings with pendant elements for an evening out.

·         Pendants - from classic models for everyday wear to voluminous, bewitching with their beauty, to a solemn occasion.

Their experts will answer your questions and quickly help you choose the pieces of jewelry for your wholesale order.

Benefits of buying jewelry from wholesale gold jewelry suppliers - Tonglin jewelry

What is the benefit of buying gold jewelry on wholesale from Tonglin Jewelry? If you buy gold jewelry from Tonglin Jewelry, we assure you that you can get wholesale prices for bulk orders, and also better quality and better services. They are known for providing superior services, unique and latest designs, best selling, fashionable and inspirational wholesale gold jewelry.

On their website, they divide the jewelry collection into categories for the ease of their customers. Categories include gold jewelry, silver jewelry, and diamond jewelry.

3.      KARATOV

The sections of this wholesale gold jewelry supplier contain rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces with a variety of inserts of various styles and price categories. In addition to gold products, it is possible to pick up separately certified rimless diamonds.

Online orders can be delivered to your address or to a pickup point near you.

4.      SKAYA

SKAYA is a wholesale gold jewelry suppliers. Since 2018,they have been a reliable supplier of quality and trendy gold jewelry. They present a wide range of products for every taste and at affordable prices.

Their experts will help you create the best assortment offer for your store.


RESPECT JEWEL is the exclusive supplier of high quality gold jewelry and jewelry made by European manufacturers.

Today, the company's product range includes the collections DIMITRI ANIFANDIS, and VASSO GALATI.

ANIFANDIS collection - author's handmade jewelry made of "gold" and cold enamel, decorated with semi-precious stones (amethyst, corals, pearls, onyx). This brand is well known not only in Greece - D. ANIFANDIS also cooperates with many jewelry stores and galleries in Belgium, Germany, Scotland and Italy.

The Vasso Galati collection consists of pearls, corals, turquoise, polyester, gold and silver elements, organically woven into bracelets, necklaces, rings and other unique jewelry fabrics. The products are of excellent quality and the level of craftsmanship is truly astounding, especially when combined with competitive prices.

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